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Largest places in Israel

The largest cities and places in Israel at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Israel.

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Largest places in Israel
Jerusalem Jerusalem1.Jerusalem Jerusalem801,000
Haifa Haifa2.Haifa Haifa267,300
Tel Aviv Tel Aviv3.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv250,000
Ashdod Ashdod4.Southern District Southern District224,656
Rishon LeZiyyon Rishon LeẔiyyon5.Central District Central District220,492
Petah Tiqwa Petaẖ Tiqwa6.Central District Central District200,000
Beersheba Beersheba7.Southern District Southern District186,600
Netanya Netanya8.Central District Central District171,676
Holon H̱olon9.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv165,787
Bene Beraq Bené Beraq10.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv154,400
Bat Yam Bat Yam11.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv128,979
Ramat Gan Ramat Gan12.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv128,095
Ashqelon Ashqelon13.Southern District Southern District105,995
Herzliyya Herzliyya14.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv83,600
Kfar Saba Kfar Saba15.Central District Central District80,773
Ra'anana Ra'anana16.Central District Central District80,000
Modiin Modiin17.Central District Central District76,466
Hadera H̱adera18.Haifa Haifa75,854
Bet Shemesh Bet Shemesh19.Jerusalem Jerusalem67,100
Lod Lod20.Central District Central District66,589
Nazareth Nazareth21.Northern District Northern District64,800
Ramla Ramla22.Central District Central District63,860
Nahariya Nahariya23.Northern District Northern District51,200
Qiryat Ata Qiryat Ata24.Haifa Haifa48,966
Modiin Ilit Modiin Ilit25.Jerusalem Jerusalem48,639
Giv`atayim Giv‘atayim26.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv48,000
Qiryat Gat Qiryat Gat27.Southern District Southern District47,450
`Akko ‘Akko28.Northern District Northern District45,603
Eilat Eilat29.Southern District Southern District45,588
Karmi'el Karmi’el30.Northern District Northern District44,382
Hod HaSharon Hod HaSharon31.Central District Central District43,185
Umm el Fahm Umm el Faḥm32.Haifa Haifa41,030
Tiberias Tiberias33.Northern District Northern District39,790
Qiryat Mozqin Qiryat Moẕqin34.Haifa Haifa39,404
Rosh Ha'Ayin Rosh Ha‘Ayin35.Central District Central District39,215
Ness Ziona Ness Ziona36.Central District Central District38,700
Qiryat Yam Qiryat Yam37.Haifa Haifa37,639
Qiryat Bialik Qiryat Bialik38.Haifa Haifa36,551
Ramat HaSharon Ramat HaSharon39.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv36,137
Dimona Dimona40.Southern District Southern District33,558
Et Taiyiba Eṭ Ṭaiyiba41.Central District Central District32,978
Yavne Yavné42.Central District Central District31,774
Or Yehuda Or Yehuda43.Tel Aviv Tel Aviv30,802
Safed Safed44.Northern District Northern District27,816
Mevo Betar Mevo Betar45.Jerusalem Jerusalem27,267
Tamra Tamra46.Northern District Northern District25,917
Yehud Yehud47.Central District Central District25,600
Daliyat el Karmil Dāliyat el Karmil48.Haifa Haifa25,000
Migdal Ha`Emeq Migdal Ha‘Emeq49.Northern District Northern District24,800
Sakhnin Sakhnīn50.Northern District Northern District24,596

1 - 50 of 161 places
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