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Distances from Jerusalem

Distances from Jerusalem to the largest cities and places in Israel. Have a closer look at the distances from Jerusalem to the largest places in Israel.

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Distances from Jerusalem to the largest places in Israel
Giv'on HaHadasha Giv'on HaHadasha1.1,09710.4 km 6.4 mishow
Abu Ghaush Abū Ghaush2.5,70710.9 km 6.8 mishow
Givat Zeev Givat Zeev3.11,76411.2 km 7.0 mishow
Mevo Betar Mevo Betar4.27,26711.6 km 7.2 mishow
Zur Hadassa Ẕur Hadassa5.4,70012.6 km 7.8 mishow
Beit Horon Beit Horon6.1,11514.4 km 9.0 mishow
Dolev Dolev7.1,19519 km 12 mishow
Mevo horon Mevo horon8.1,77119 km 12 mishow
Talmon Talmon9.2,79720 km 13 mishow
Bet Shemesh Bet Shemesh10.67,10022 km 13 mishow
Kfar Rut Kfar Rut11.20423 km 14 mishow
Kfar NaOranim Kfar NaOranim12.2,50924 km 15 mishow
Netiv HaLamed He Netiv HaLamed He13.39024 km 15 mishow
Nahliel Nahliel14.41224 km 15 mishow
Lapid Lapid15.2,49724 km 15 mishow
Nof Ayalon Nof Ayalon16.5,00024 km 15 mishow
Modiin Modiin17.76,46624 km 15 mishow
Modiin Ilit Modiin Ilit18.48,63924 km 15 mishow
Shilat Shilat19.48525 km 16 mishow
Hashmonaim Hashmonaim20.2,61026 km 16 mishow
Na'ale Na'ale21.1,03526 km 16 mishow
Nili Nili22.84627 km 17 mishow
Mevo Modi'im Mevo Modi‘im23.25628 km 18 mishow
Mazkeret Batya Mazkeret Batya24.8,03436 km 23 mishow
Lod Lod25.66,58937 km 23 mishow
Ramla Ramla26.63,86038 km 23 mishow
Ariel Ariel27.17,66838 km 23 mishow
`En Gedi ‘En Gedi28.60339 km 24 mishow
Revava Revava29.1,26240 km 25 mishow
Kiryat Netafim Kiryat Netafim30.69040 km 25 mishow
Nahshonim Naẖshonim31.32541 km 26 mishow
Gedera Gedera32.14,57542 km 26 mishow
Kefar Habad Kefar H̱abad33.4,77142 km 26 mishow
Yehud Yehud34.25,60043 km 26 mishow
Ness Ziona Ness Ziona35.38,70043 km 27 mishow
Nehalim Neẖalim36.2,06143 km 27 mishow
Rosh Ha'Ayin Rosh Ha‘Ayin37.39,21544 km 27 mishow
Bene 'Ayish Bene 'Ayish38.7,76344 km 27 mishow
Or Yehuda Or Yehuda39.30,80245 km 28 mishow
Kafr Qasim Kafr Qāsim40.17,30345 km 28 mishow
Savyon Savyon41.3,43445 km 28 mishow
Bet Dagan Bet Dagan42.5,60445 km 28 mishow
Oranit Oranit43.6,20546 km 28 mishow
Ganne Tiqwa Ganné Tiqwa44.12,21346 km 28 mishow
Rishon LeZiyyon Rishon LeẔiyyon45.220,49246 km 29 mishow
Qiryat Gat Qiryat Gat46.47,45046 km 29 mishow
Yavne Yavné47.31,77447 km 29 mishow
Petah Tiqwa Petaẖ Tiqwa48.200,00047 km 29 mishow
Nirit Nirit49.1,13247 km 29 mishow
Azor Azor50.10,10848 km 30 mishow

1 - 50 of 160 places
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